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arrowPhotos: OneBeat concerts #2 w/ Elephant & Lavoisier @ Michelberger Hotel 23.11

10.12.12 by Lukas

On friday the 23rd of November, we organized a concert night in the lobby of the Michelberger Hotel, with two beautiful concerts by Lavoisier and Elephant. Ma Tias was playing some of his favorite tunes after the concerts. Massive thanks to the Michelberger Hotel for making it happen and to everyone who came along! What a great night!

2013 is coming up and this was our last event for this year. We’re looking into further improving our project and are looking forward to lots more nice events for 2013. So stay tuned, you’ll hear from us!

Click on the thumbnails below for high res images from the event.

All photos by Gianna Charaktinou (thanks!)

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arrowPhotos – OneBeat Experimental Session #5 w/ ELEPHANT live 09.11.2012

16.11.12 by Lukas

Some photos from our latest session at Joao Cocteau in Neukölln for all those who missed it. Session 5 was one of our best and Elephant’s performance was brilliant and entertaining. For those wondering: on friday the 9th of November, we invited the trio to play a live jam session to accompany film sequences. We mixed both experimental and narrative parts and we think that it helped the artists perform but also kept the evening interesting and fun.

The next experimental session will be in 2013 and the date is not yet set but we’ll let you know as soon as we confirm anything.. be sure that it will something we haven’t done before, and with different artists, as always.
Don’t miss our next event at the Michelberger Hotel on friday, the 23.11, with Elephant and Lavoisier LIVE.

Click on the thumbnails below for high res images from the event.

All photos by Gianna Charaktinou (thanks!)

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arrowPhotos – One(Beats) at Brunnen70 w/ Kyson, Wermonster & more, 08.09.2012

19.09.12 by Lukas

On saturday the 8th of September we where back down under in the Brunnen70 basement. This time with a different lineup, different musical direction and in a bigger room. We prepared well for our showcase at the monthly “Wedding Present” underground festival, bringing 2 DJs, 3 Live-Acts, 2 VJs and a light installation.

The night started with a journey through uk bass, hip hop and house by James A. Shaw as playing under his moniker Borth Sea Defence (stay tuned for more, James OneBeat artist profile is coming up). He played a live dj set with “two turntables, a laptop running Traktor and Ableton, a Korg nanopad triggering hits and samples which are running from Ableton and a Korg Monotron Delay for a few oscillations”. Enough said, listen to the recording of the Borth Sea Defence set below.

After James we had One Dub Connection finally performing again on a OneBeat showcase since Karneval der Kulturen in 2011. A blend of dub and drum’n’bass, followed by the electronica live-act Kyson, who brought plenty of gear and even had a drummer for percussion lined up, but who sadly got ill before the event. Lush, deep, and more upbeat then ever before he pleased us with a brilliant live performance.
Third live-act in a row was Wermonster, beatmaker deluxe who came straight from recording sessions in Wiesbaden. Nico has been a busy man lately. Last but not least, Alex from One Dub Connection performed a banging drum’n’bass set under his alias Trilingo… we must agree that drum’n’bass isn’t something you hear often enough in Berlin these days, that was great for a change. For visuals we invited Robert Heel for a light installation (check out his work at www.robertheel.com) and RTZ23 and E (E-Gruppe Berlin) for vjing (E introduced us to some pretty straightforward projection mapping, thanks again for the help with the setup).

Thanks go out to all the helping hands and of course our artists for playing for OneBeat for free, thus helping us grow our project and network. We hope to see you next time!

Click on the thumbnails below for more high res images from the event.

Most photos by Gianna Charaktinou and some by Pic-7

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arrowPhotos from OneBeat Showcase at Karneval der Kulturen 2012, 27.05.2012

03.06.12 by Lukas

Last weekend Onebeat met the Viva con Agua stage at the Carnival of Cultures (Karneval der Kulturen) for the second time. We enjoyed an amazing afternoon with some of Berlin’s best sunshine. The day kicked off with Mr. Space Commander, who just showed up and wanted to play in front of the Stage while we where setting up. Some seriously good entertainment.. thanks David, you are crazy, in a wonderful way! Sadly we don’t have any pictures of that, but his website sure is worth a visit.  Check www.spacecommander.tv.

We kicked off with a concert by Lavoisier, went over to a great set by Ma Tias, continuing with experimental electronica lives by Kyson and Wermonster. The rest of the day we had a proper dance with James A. Shaw and Bacalao & Sonne, who already rocked our dance floor on our showcase at Brunnen70 in Wedding 2 weeks before. Great crowd, great music and of course support for our partner, the charitable organization Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide. Check them out, full support.. wonderful people working for a good cause. All OneBeat artists played for free thus supporting Viva con Agua’s activities. Thanks everyone!

Click on the thumbnails below for more high res images from the event.

Most photos by Gianna Charaktinou and some by Lukas Sommer


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arrowPhotos: OneBeat concerts at Sehsüchte Film Festival with Lavoisier & Sorry Gilberto, 27.04

07.05.12 by Lukas

lavoisier live at sehsuechte 2012

sorry gilberto live at sehsuechte 2012

lavoisier live at sehsuechte 2012 2

Like last year we went to Potsdam to present OneBeat acts at the sehsüchte lounge stage. Sehsüchte, Europe’s largest international student film festival, is entirely organized by students of the HFF, and dedicated to the international young generation of filmmakers. A melting pot of cultures and ideas, so we where happy to provide our contribution. We invited Lavoisier, wo already came to sehsüchte with us last year, and Sorry Gilberto, the lovely indie-folk duo who played for the first time on a OneBeat stage. Big thanks go out to the whole sehsüchte crew, who where amazingly helpful providing transport and equipment and of course to the artists and everyone who made it to our session!

Click on the thumbnails below for high res images from the event.

All photos by Gianna Charaktinou

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