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Artist Support

OneBeat works on need-oriented and non-monetary support for musicians in Berlin. The project promotes the network created by the collective and artists can benefit from regular self-determined exchanges. The OneBeat collective combines creative forces, promotes synergies and creates a platform for musical development.

The essentials:

How do artists benefit?
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OneBeat’s activities aim to increase the artists popularity and public awareness through different event formats, networking activities and the projects website. On the website and on the different social media profiles, we showcase selected works and simultaneously establish contacts with organizations, labels and music blogs. Our goal is to create an enabling environment for our artists. These include i.a. the mix & master, recording sessions, professional band or artist photos, promotion through OneBeat events or support for a successful web and social media presence.

OneBeat events – from concerts to club nights – try to meet the needs of the artist collective and grant access to a wider audience. Participation in the OneBeat collective presupposes that musicians from the collective play at OneBeat events for free, thus supporting the social projects. There is no direct financial support for OneBeat artists.