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Financing and Donations

OneBeat is financed by donations and membership fees.

The different services provided by OneBeat e.V. for events (design, promotion, coordination, etc.) and artist support (including online and offline promotion, design, research, copywriting) are voluntary services by the members of the association or from related networks. All OneBeat e.V. members work as volunteers.

The organization of the various events, including club nights, concerts and smaller event series such as the “experimental sessions” are planned to be as low cost as possible. On average the event locations do not charge rent or equipment costs. Therefore the expenses are very low.

The essentials:

How do we finance this?

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As part of the artist support, OneBeat provides online services increasing the public presence of artists from the collective. Through the use of social media, newsletters and the OneBeat website our promotional channels are also very low cost – for both the artists and the organizers.

Donations are gathered through “supporting memberships” (Fördermitgliedschaften), direct Paypal donations via the OneBeat website and through events. In addition, promotional items such as T-Shirts and digital recordings (mixtapes or compilations), which can be acquired by donation, are planned for further fundraising.

In 2013, OneBeat e.V. is still in a development phase. The project aims to publish financial results after each quarter, making all activities transparent and easy to understand. For questions about funding or donations, please send us an email.

The “Annual Report 2012” can be downloaded here.