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Research, Public relations & copywriting
Anna is responsible for public relations, event planning and acquiring new artists, whilst supporting Lukas with the general coordination of the project. During her studies at the Unversity for Film and Television in Babelsberg (HFF), she specialized in film financing and crowdfunding. She is currently working on a publication.


Project management, web development & design
Lukas coordinates the course of the project. He is in charge of the visual appearance, the website development, social media strategies to promote artists and handles a lot of the event management. He has a degree in applied media economics and dedicates a lot of his time to music on his blog and soundcloud account. He his working as an interactive web developer in Berlin.



After his studies of history, Bernd moved to Berlin in late 2006. Bernd currently does research on Yugoslavia and writes about Croatian exiles. For OneBeat he is in charge of web content and translations.


Gianna takes care of the photographic artwork concerning the website and the team as well as shootings for some of the OneBeat artists for promotion and at events. After her study of photography in Athens, she moved to Berlin where she is working as a freelance photographer. You can see her work here.


After having studied pedagogy, Erik moved to Berlin in 2006. For OneBeat he is responsible for the projects finances. Besides OneBeat he is employed as a social worker providing individual help for people with disabilities.


Fundraising & Event-Management
Together with Anna and Lukas, Kim coordinates the project and is responsible for fundraising activities and event management. He produces his own music under the moniker “Konstant”. Besides OneBeat, Kim is self-employed.


One love to Jorinde Leonhardt, Henning Schärfke and Julie Spielmann for their great support in running OneBeat.
Big shout out to Sveinn Davíðsson for the help with the OneBeat CI. Thanks!
We’d like to thank Jen Zoble for kindly supporting the textual work!