arrowIt’s French and it’s awesome!

24.11.10 by Lukas

Named by Beessaybuzz: “One of the best electronic podcasts I’ve ever come across…” is I mix it in my kitchen something I have found on my search for electronic music.

Before I moved to Berlin and joined the OneBeat project i knew hardly anything about this kind of music. And of course, still searching and learning. I mix it in my kitchen offers great mixes that introduce many approaches from different angles and perspectives. It updates once in a while with their so-called Essential Mixes and additionally gives focus on one artist at a time as Boys Noize, Justice… Do not miss out on that ride! The website is in French;  but trust this: This music does not speak any known language!


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  1. Sébastien says:

    Thanks man ! I know I don’t make often updates and… I have to ! :-) don’t forget to check the Web site ( for more free electro mixes. Auf wiedersehen !

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