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07.06.13 by Lukas


We’re in our third season and it’s been good fun, OneBeat is a small, healthy project, regular events and some truly great musicians. But we think it’s about time that we make a bigger movement out of OneBeat and we want to get our project to the next level. We need to grow our team as we’re lacking manpower to do so. We need supporters to run our various events, support online and offline activities and to work on fundraising. A good idea of what’s going down in Berlin, a passion for music, an eye for design or the willingness to volunteer to work for the project unite us as a crew, and we all come from very different areas. We have good amount of fun together and we meet for beers, not as often as we’d like though. The workload isn’t massive. So please post, share or blog about this. We’d like to see some new faces in our team section. Thank you!

If you want to grow with us say hi at


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  1. […] Die Jungs und Mädels von OneBeat haben alle Hände voll zu tun, ist natürlich gut so. Allerdings nehmen Anfragen und Künstlerprojekte mittlerweile einen derart großen Zeitrahmen ein, dass das Project an seine personellen Kapazitätsgrenzen stößt. Doch OneBeat hat auch in Zukunft noch einiges mehr vor und sucht deshalb nach Zuwachs für sein Team. Wenn ihr also Interesse daran habt, die Independent-Musikszene Berlins zu pushen und an einer Plattform für vielversprechende Artists mitzuarbeiten, meldet auch bei OneBeat. Hier geht’s lang! […]

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