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13.03.13 by Lukas


Roberto and Patricia from our OneBeat collective travelled to Portugal to play shows in February this year. They played a show at the great “Primeiro Andar” in Lisbon and also met the guys from “A Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria” (translated that means something like “The Portuguese Music liking herself”). This project around Tiago Pereira aims to feature portuguese musicians in unexpected and public places (several per week), showcasing folk and traditional music from around the country. The’ve produced over  a 1000 videos since 2011, from Fado to Jazz, to the “cantos populares”, about newcomers and old traditional groups, all displayed free to watch on their Vimeo channel. We think that this is a great way to collect and promote portuguese music and are glad that Lavoisier could be part of it. Watch the videos below.

See Lavoisier LIVE at Werkstadt (Emser Straße 124) on the 21st March and at Joao Cocteau in Neukölln on the 30th of March 13th of April. 

Visit Lavoisier at:

More about the project:



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