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30.11.10 by Lukas

Clown and Sunset is the label founded by young producer Nicolas Jaar. Here´s what they write:

“In the summer of ‘04, Soul Keita, Nikita Quasim and Nicolas Jaar met for the first time in the border between Tijuana and San Diego. They felt both endangered and empowered by a force they could not express through words. So Nikita sang, while Soul and Nicolas clapped their hands. These three individuals have been trying to re-create this moment in no man’s land until Nicolas Jaar founded “clown and sunset”; an outlet for these three artists to re-invent lost memories.”

Nicolas is one to watch out for, getting ready to release his debut album and playing live at the Wolf+Lamb Experience at Arena Club on the 17th of December .
Check out this amazing groove released on Double Standard Records…

Love you gotta lose again /// Nicolas Jaar (Double Standard Records) by Clown and Sunset

…and his eclectic podcast:

CS Podcast 002 – dîner chez jeanne by Clown and Sunset


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