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25.04.13 by Anna


Like the last two years we’ll be back in Potsdam. From April 23 to 28, 2013 SEHSÜCHTE, Europe’s largest international student film festival, will take place in Brandenburg’s film capital Potsdam for the 42st time. It’s entirely organized by students of the HFF, and dedicated to the international young generation of filmmakers. For the third time OneBeat will be hosting a nice and cosy lounge concert evening for the film festival. Hats off for our new band Elephant!

Elephant are the “contemporary melodic groove collective”. Drums, Bass and Piano by Christoph, Antti and Marco. Various elements from jazz, popculture, classical, contemporary and electronica, whilst improvisation is the underlying core.

See you all friday!

Date: Friday 26th
Time: Half past nine pm (be early)
Location: HFF Lounge

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