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16.01.11 by Lukas

Onebeat is back. We hope everyone had a good start into the new year.
It took us a while to be back in 2011 and for good reasons.

Whats new in 2011?
1. We updated our website (new artists profiles, artist voting, improved sharing & music player).
2. We have a new Artist: One Dub Connection.
3. We have a new Team member: Friederike.

1. Website  – Improved artists profiles, artist voting, improved sharing, blog post voting, improved music player.

We decided to shrink the size of the profiles in the artist overview and to create an individual profile for each artist. Before we had all artists on the same page and organized the text and artwork in tabs. Technically now its easier to share and bookmark the profiles because each one has a unique address.  To make the artist overview interesting we added the mini player from soundcloud to provide an audio preview. Because of some technical issues for sharing with dynamic websites we removed the facebook like buttons and added a voting function. The voting system stores each IP in a database and installs a cookie in your browser to check if you already voted. Like this we provide a nice function to see how much all of you like each one of the OneBeat musicians.

The new smaller artist overview with the new features:

For the new individual profiles we worked on better sharing. This means that each artist can now be shared through a social network of your choice. So if you like what your listening too, let your friends know about it.

The new individual artist page with improved sharing possibilites:

Overall the website works much better now and its easier for our visitors to help us spread the news about Berlins emerging talents.
Last but not least: We also improved the music player on the top right side of the site. You can now listen to all the songs through the mini player from soundcloud. Enjoy!

2. OneBeat welcomes One Dub Connection!

One Dub Connection are Alex Pienemann and Marvin Frank from Münster and Berlin.
Alongside, they created sound in bands and productions, since their early youth. Over the years, they started to develop there own producing and recording techniques.
In 2009 the cooperation of both artists has come to life in a One Dub Connection. The duo have always been keen on playing various genres of music which has led them to produce an expanding conscious artifice of music that is very difficult to clarify. In this collective, they create beat-based and dub-style music influenced by sounds of instruments from all over the globe. Read more at their profile…

One Dub Connection by OneBeat

3. OneBeat welcomes Friederike!

We have a new Team member. Friederike is active for our Social Media communication. After studying Business and Marketing in the Netherlands, she came to Berlin in 2010, to gather work experience and to stay around. Thanks for joining and we are looking forward to a great time together. Soon with picture and everything over at the team section.

Stay tuned for more, as we have artists in the pipeline and lots of ideas to make our little project grow.
And be sure to check our Blog frequently for events news, music and stuff we like.


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