arrowPhotos: OneBeat concerts #2 w/ Elephant & Lavoisier @ Michelberger Hotel 23.11

10.12.12 by Lukas

On friday the 23rd of November, we organized a concert night in the lobby of the Michelberger Hotel, with two beautiful concerts by Lavoisier and Elephant. Ma Tias was playing some of his favorite tunes after the concerts. Massive thanks to the Michelberger Hotel for making it happen and to everyone who came along! What a great night!

2013 is coming up and this was our last event for this year. We’re looking into further improving our project and are looking forward to lots more nice events for 2013. So stay tuned, you’ll hear from us!

Click on the thumbnails below for high res images from the event.

All photos by Gianna Charaktinou (thanks!)


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