arrowPhotos: OneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 with Wermonster as Eugénie – 13.04.2012

17.04.12 by Lukas

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Last friday, the 13th of April, OneBeat’s experimental session went into the third round. We invited Nico aka Wermonster, the notorious psychedelic beat maker to  show us an improvised performance of his new project called “Eugénie”. He came with his friend Matthieu and they made some noise: frequencies and sounds that should be consumed with eyes closed and that instantly trigger your imagination, so we kept the room dark and the bass strong.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Joao Cocteau, we’ll be publishing a recording of this session on our soundcloud soon. Stay tuned for the next session which is already being planned.
Click on the thumbnails below for high res images from the event.

All photos by Gianna Charaktinou



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