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25.12.11 by Lukas

Dear OneBeat Artists, Supporters, Partners and Followers.

2011 was the first year of our young organization and we’d like to thank everyone for their great support and hard work. We’re looking back to lots of good music from our great artists, fun events and we’re thankful for all we have achieved. We’ll be taking it easy in January and do some proper planning of what there is to come. The project is growing slowly but in a healthy rhythm and we already have some exciting news to announce for 2012:

New partner: Blu:boks Berlin & Planet der Affen

We’ve decided to support another social project in the Berlin area and looking forward to start our cooperation in 2012. The social and cultural project Blu:boks, located in Berlin Lichtenberg, thrives to find and support artistic talent in children and teenagers with the goal of strengthening their self-confidence and to develop a good perspective in life. Find out everything about it on

We will start to collaborate with the montly event series organized by the great folks from Planet der Affen.
Every second thursday of each month der organization supports Berlin-based artists by creating an open stage inviting a big variety of artistic directions to present their work. Bands, Dancers, Poets, Singers present their work at the Chesters Inn in Kreuzberg on regular basis. They’ve had some amazing nights and lots more to come. Support (and like) them on

New artists: Kyson, Bacalao & Sonne

Good news also on the artist side. Those who came to our experimental session#2 in Neukölln on the 16th of December already know him: Kyson aka Jian and his deep downtempo music full of positive vibes. His soundcloud profile is becoming increasingly popular and we know why…
More good news: we’re happy to announce that the Berlin DJ und producer duo“Bacalao & Sonne” joined the collective with their uplifting tech-house. These young Berliners have served quite some dancefloors recently and we’re glad to be able to support them on their way up. Welcome Bacalao & Sonne!

Worth mentioning here: we do realize that the project currently has a strong focus on electronic music. It’s a big part but of course we’re looking for bands, singer-songwriter artists and everything inbetween and beyond.. so if you know someone who knows someone: write us emails, help us find them and help them find us! Thanks.

Have a great new year, respect the planet, buy the music you love and support your favourite artists.

With love, the OneBeat Crew.



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