arrow“Sworcery for a Monome” – video remix by Jan Hertz

30.05.12 by Lukas

A nice little video from our artist Jan Hertz. A little nerdie, but the outcome is great. I think i want a Monome now!

A small sunday-afternoon-remix based on samples from “sword & sworcery”. i grabbed the sounds directly from the ipod, cropped them in ableton live and put them together using a monome and mlr 2.8. i’m no virtuoso on a monome – but i love how it forces me to think and act simple – especially when working on a remix (what you can’t see – me controlling channel volumes with the mouse).

Jan unfortunately couldn’t make it to our Karneval Showcase last weekend.. but you can see him live at Morlox Berlin on June 8th, save the date:

Morlox Berlin – Haasestraße 13 10245 Berlin
Facebook RSVP


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