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arrowHow to Eat Cultures? A Transatlantic Melting Pot

13.05.12 by Lukas

Lavoisier Radio Show Reboot.fm

What does Cultural Cannibalism mean? Was Antropofagia the forerunner of Tropicalismo? Why did Caetano Veloso leave Brazil at the end of the sixties? Is there a link between Portuguese traditional music and South American sounds? Was folk music for the Carnation Revolution what Facebook has been nowadays for the Arabian Spring? And what has a well-known chemist to do with all these questions? Lavoisier, a young Portuguese singer and musician couple, is taking us on a trip through many decades and influences, eating cultures like Pac Man swallowed his pills. Bon appétit!

Back in March we announced an experimental radio feature about Lavoisier, their music and “eating cultures”. Here’s the soundcloud stream. Have fun!

Moderation: Lavoisier & Bernd Robionek
Music: Lavoisier
Editorial: Bernd Robionek, Lavoisier, Henning Schärfke
Production: Lavoisier, Henning Schärfke

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