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arrowRussische Filmwoche (Russian filmweek) – 24.11 / 30.11

24.11.10 by Kim

After New York and Paris the russian filmweek is hosted in Berlin from the 24th until the 30th of November 2010.  In the main and secondary programm 19 movies from 6 different film locations are screened. Besides the Kino International, the Russian House of Science and Culture, and the Broadway Cinema this year the Babylon, the Dephi Filmpalast and the Cinema at the FEZ (Kino im FEZ) are also involved.

On the 24.11 the movies week start at the Kino International with the Movie “Am Rande der Welt”.

On the 28th of November there is a special event as a Sundays matineé, where the russian filmweek will present the Berlinale-Film “Wie ich den Sommer beendete” from Alexej Popogrebskij. The screening will happen at 11h at the Delphi Filmpalast. On top of that the movie will be shown on tuesday, the 30.11 on 20h30 at the Russian house for sciences and culture at Friedrichstraße.
Because of the high demand at the Russian house for sciences and culture at Friedrichstraße there will be an additional screening of the movie “Wie ich den Sommer beendete” on Thursday, the 2nd of December at 20h.

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