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arrowPhotos of Lavoisier at FriKK Festival 2011

02.09.11 by Lukas

Lavoisier played a gig at the FriKK Festival 2011 in Bethanien on Monday the 15th of August. We opened the FriKK with a party the week before (08.08) and we where happy to be back for another concert. For this concert we had some special in mind so we sorted some additional equipment and a camera crew to film and record all instruments and voices on different audio tracks. We’re looking forward to the outcome as the footage has entered the production phase.

So stay tuned for more from Lavoisier at the FriKK. We hope to deliver some quality videos very soon. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the concert and of course to the FriKK crew and our camera pro’s. Click below for more images…

Photos by Robin Jonasch

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arrowLavoisier live at the Michelberger Hotel – 05.08 – Impressions

12.08.11 by Lukas

Lavoisier live at the Michelberger Hotel

Lavoisier live at the Michelberger Hotel 2

Last friday Lavoisier played an impressive concert at the Michelberger Hotel. The lobby of the hotel as seen numerous concerts from renowned artists like Aloe Blacc, Clueso and many others. So we are delighted that this took place and hope to see you there next time..
Click below for more images.


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arrowOneBeat meets Viva con Agua at Karneval der Kulturen 2011 – 11.06.11 – Photos

15.06.11 by Lukas

The Karneval der Kulturen website states that there are “330 market stalls with culinary seducements, arts and crafts and much more.” on the Kdk 2011 street festival. Indeed, the street festival was huge and the whole city vibrated music, different cultures and a party mood over the last weekend, with OneBeat right in the middle of it. Viva con Agua had their sales stands, small stage and chillout area right at the beginning of Zossener Straße, a entry passage to the Karneval.

The stage was ours from 16 pm on but the Event schedule started with a surprise for us at 15h: Jefferson Hope. The young singer/songwriter played 1 hour before our slot started and impressed with smart and witty lyrics and a good performance. Be sure to listen to his music here or catch him on facebook.

Right on time for our slot there was the rain and OneBeat’s musical part started challenging. From an almost 1 hour rainfall to a hardware failure, we had it all when the show was supposed to start. Luckily we managed to fix everything and soon the sun came out again while the rest went smooth and was proper fun. Check out the images below which are ordered in sequence of events.

We’d like to thank the whole Viva con Agua crew for having us. They where super nice and supplied us and our artists with everything we needed.
Massive thanks, we where impressed with their dedication and hard work for a good cause. Big shout out also to our artists and to the OneBeat crew.

More to come, see you there next time!

Photos by Gianna Charaktinou

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arrowWermonster @ Japstep 3 – 03.06 at Trickster Berlin – Some impressions

04.06.11 by Lukas

Wermonster at Trickster Berlin

Last night i went to see Wermonster’s live act at the Japstep 3 Event at Trickster near Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. Great performance and good fun. This dude is really havin it with his music, and everyone else was having a blast too. Here are some quick shots and a short video i did with my phone. The video shows the end of his live-act and unluckily i didn’t capture any more footage. See you there next time!

Wermonster @ Japstep 3 // 03.06.11 // live act impression from onebeat on Vimeo.

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