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arrowTime To Love with Jan Hertz!

10.04.14 by Anna

Jan Hertz Jonas Saalbach OneBeat Berlin

Immer in Bewegung. Heute veröffentlicht Jan Hertz ganz frisch seinen neusten Mix “Time To Love”, der gemeinsam mit seinem Label-Companion Rocko Garoni für Jonas Saalbach entstanden ist. Mit dem Mix bleiben die beiden Berliner dem Deep House Techno treu und lassen die Füße nicht still stehen. Rein hören unbedingt empfohlen!

Released by: symbiont-music play

Release date: 10. April 2014

Artwork: Format Ce 

Wer Lust auf mehr hat, kann sich gleich noch den kürzlich auf dem französischen Online-Magazin Felfelosophy veröffentlichten Podcast “Exclusive Podcast 006” runter laden.

“The man is keeping the groove and continue to expand his «schizophrenic» creativity skills. As lot of talented artist, Jan is constantly experimenting different way of creating without focusing on a proper musical style.”,

heißt es bei Felfelosophy – zu recht, wie wir von OneBeat findenJan veröffentlicht mit dem Podcast gleich eine Reihe bisher unveröffentlichter Remixe, wir sind begeistert, aber hört her:


1. Holy Other – In Difference
2. Gold Panda – Back Home
3. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
4. Uschi & Hans – 33 Degrees (Jan Hertz Remix)
5. Powel – I’m Talking Quietly
6. Miramode Orchestra – The Story Of The Fisherman (Jan Hertz Remix)
7. Nutia – Play On
8. Helmut – Holiday
9. Hauschka – Radar (Michael Mayer Remix)
10. Mathew Jonson – Body In Motion (Akufen Remix)
11. Michael Gracioppo – Creep (Recondite’s Blue Train Ride Remix) [feat. Wayne Tennant]
12. Karocel – It’s Me (Wareika’s Hot Summer Night Remix)
13. Avatism – Planetario (Feat. Mind Against)
14. Bon Homme – The Hill
15. Stephan Funkmann – Dünensand
16. Jonas Saalbach – Time to Love (Jan Hertz & Garoni Remix)
17. Parasite Single – You Know
18. We Need Cracks – Telescopium
19. Tom Trago – Lost In the Streets of NYC


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27.03.14 by Erik


Der Multimediakünstler, Musiker und Visual Artist Robert Heel überrascht uns mit einem der wahrscheinlich schönsten Box Sets dieses Jahres. Die neue 4-Track-EP Polfeld erscheint nicht nur als digitaler Download, sondern auch als wunderschönes Box Set mit einer CD, drei Musikvideos, zwei Kunstdrucken und einer – man glaubt es kaum – Audiokassette. Das Ganze ist streng limitiert auf 31 Stück weltweit – also schnell zugreifen!

Mehr von Robert findet ihr hier:



Multimedia artist, musician and visual artist Robert Heel surprises us with the presumably most beautiful box set of the year. The new 4-track-EP Polfeld does not only come out as a digital download but also as a box set including a CD-R including all Polfeld tracks as Mp3, two fine art prints, three music videos and a high bias cassette tape. The box itself is strictly limited to 31 worldwide, so better be fast!

Bild und Video (c) www.robertheel.com/++/


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arrowGet High Fiona – Better Rhythm

04.12.12 by Lukas

Get High Fiona did their Onebeat debut with their great show at our 4th edition of our experimental session in September. They play a mix of world music, experimental electronica and soul. It’s hard to define but instantly makes you sense the depth of the emotions they put in their songwriting. Biljana plays bass on a keyboard, makes fills and sings, looping and filtering her voice. Geronimo is the multi-instrumentalist behind the main sound collage, playing the guitar, piano and wavedrum, creating beats and breaks with his computer.

They will be up on our artist page soon. For more information check out their website: www.get-high-fiona.de

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arrowHow to Eat Cultures? A Transatlantic Melting Pot

13.05.12 by Lukas

Lavoisier Radio Show Reboot.fm

What does Cultural Cannibalism mean? Was Antropofagia the forerunner of Tropicalismo? Why did Caetano Veloso leave Brazil at the end of the sixties? Is there a link between Portuguese traditional music and South American sounds? Was folk music for the Carnation Revolution what Facebook has been nowadays for the Arabian Spring? And what has a well-known chemist to do with all these questions? Lavoisier, a young Portuguese singer and musician couple, is taking us on a trip through many decades and influences, eating cultures like Pac Man swallowed his pills. Bon appétit!

Back in March we announced an experimental radio feature about Lavoisier, their music and “eating cultures”. Here’s the soundcloud stream. Have fun!

Moderation: Lavoisier & Bernd Robionek
Music: Lavoisier
Editorial: Bernd Robionek, Lavoisier, Henning Schärfke
Production: Lavoisier, Henning Schärfke

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arrowLive Recording – Wermonster as Eugénie at Experimental Session#3

06.05.12 by Lukas

wermonster as eugine experimental session 3

On Friday the 13th of April of 2012 we invited Nico aka Wermonster to show us an improvised performance of his new project called “Eugénie”, the third round of our experimental sessions. He came with his friend Matthieu and they made some noise: frequencies and sounds triggered by audio toys, a guitar and wool, and a bunch of oldschool synthesizers.. finally here’s the recording. Now clearly, this isn’t everyone’s piece of cake, but you can’t deny the imagery evoked with your headphones on and eyes closed. Enjoy.. thanks Nico and Matthieu.

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