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arrowMira Mode Orchestra – Sensitive Practises (Jan Hertz Remix) – free dl

27.06.12 by Lukas

Miramode Jan Hertz remix

Jan Hertz published a great remix for the track “Sensitive Practices” by the Berlin-based Mira Mode Orchestra.
Lush and melodic, with a gentle but driving kick and some great instrumental samples. Free to download, so grab your copy.

Mira Mode is an emerging collective of young musicians teaming with the Berlin based saxophonist and music composer Ede Merkel. The Mira Mode band counts twelve musicians; three brass-, five strings players and an entire rhythm section. Together they introduce an urban mix of genre spanning acoustic sound. Electronic influences are clearly audible, yet jazz, pop, funk and hiphop based grooves provide the breeding ground on which the spaciously arranged Songs of Mira Mode unfold.

They will be playing at this years edition of Fusion Festival, if you’re going, look for them on the festival program.
For more input check www.miramode.de.

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arrowWermonster – New “More Embryonauts” EP // free download

22.02.12 by Lukas

wermonster more embryonauts

Our beatmaker Wermonster just published his “More Embryonauts” EP, featuring remixes of the Embryonaut EP by Alizzz (aka Pisu), Dingy Dysu, Able8 and vocal versions feat. Tob1, Farfetched and Nobody Cares.
There are some great beats on this EP, be sure to grab it below!

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arrowOneBeat proudly releases: moll.oton – 01:06 am EP

24.05.11 by Lukas

The first moll.oton EP “01:06 am” is ready and published at www.onebe.at as a free download.
moll.oton decided to release the record under a creative commons license, and therefore under a non-profit license. The release was a networked collaboration between moll.oton and OneBeat, from the promotional fotos to the mix&master of the tracks.
They say:

“The EP 01:06am shows the influences of moll.oton in the last months… by the people, the surroundings, life … the tracks always show a critical observation of our society and the daily life of people they meet on the streets of Berlin. It is an reflection about experiences and places which have influenced moll.oton during the last months. moll.oton translates these observations from a critical and laid back point of view and let’s the resulting lyrics and feelings meet relaxed and melancholic sounds in the environment of trip hop.”

Download the whole release at their artist profile or get the tracks through soundcloud below.
Enjoy the music!

moll.oton – 01:06 am EP by OneBeat

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arrowSchönwetter über Berlin

31.01.11 by Anna

SCHOENWETTER SCHALLPLATTEN was founded in 2004 in the austrian countryside – or, more precisely, in its most eastern part, in the county of Burgenland, where the sun shines 300 days a year – which explains the record labels name: “Nice Weather Records”. Meanwhile, Vienna and the ink music-family became its homebase, and SCHOENWETTER releases records from artists from all around the world, bridging the gaps between Indie, Pop, Rock and Electro – you name it. They´d be able to tell you books full of stories for each and every single one of their artists. But first and foremost it is about the music – so have a listen and enjoy a short little trip into the world of SCHOENWETTER by downloading the free label compilation on:    http://new.schoenwetterschall.at

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