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arrowOneBeat meets Viva con Agua at Karneval der Kulturen 2011 – 11.06.11 – Photos

15.06.11 by Lukas

The Karneval der Kulturen website states that there are “330 market stalls with culinary seducements, arts and crafts and much more.” on the Kdk 2011 street festival. Indeed, the street festival was huge and the whole city vibrated music, different cultures and a party mood over the last weekend, with OneBeat right in the middle of it. Viva con Agua had their sales stands, small stage and chillout area right at the beginning of Zossener Straße, a entry passage to the Karneval.

The stage was ours from 16 pm on but the Event schedule started with a surprise for us at 15h: Jefferson Hope. The young singer/songwriter played 1 hour before our slot started and impressed with smart and witty lyrics and a good performance. Be sure to listen to his music here or catch him on facebook.

Right on time for our slot there was the rain and OneBeat’s musical part started challenging. From an almost 1 hour rainfall to a hardware failure, we had it all when the show was supposed to start. Luckily we managed to fix everything and soon the sun came out again while the rest went smooth and was proper fun. Check out the images below which are ordered in sequence of events.

We’d like to thank the whole Viva con Agua crew for having us. They where super nice and supplied us and our artists with everything we needed.
Massive thanks, we where impressed with their dedication and hard work for a good cause. Big shout out also to our artists and to the OneBeat crew.

More to come, see you there next time!

Photos by Gianna Charaktinou

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arrowOneBeat meets Viva con Agua – Saturday 11th of June – Karneval der Kulturen 2011

05.06.11 by Lukas

Update: We extended our slot and are now starting at 16h with a 2 hour dj set by Ma Tias. Come early.. it will be worth it!

OneBeat meets the Viva con Agua stage on Saturday the 11th of June at Karneval der Kulturen. We’ll have a nice afternoon live session with 5 of our artists.

We are working together with the Berlin cell of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, a charitable organisation based in St. Pauli, Hamburg, campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide. They’ll have a nice area at Zossener Straße in Kreuzberg at the Karneval with info stands, live music stage and chillout area.

The OneBeat slot is from 16h until 22h.
Looking forward to see you there!

Ma Tias (House) – dj set // 16h
One Dub Connection (Dub / Downtempo) – live // 18h
Moll.oton (Trip-Hop) – live // 19h
Jan Hertz (Dub techno) – live // 20h
Wermonster (Psychedelic Beats) – live // 21h

Join the Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=228607553817035
Check VcA at http://www.vivaconagua.org/

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arrowThe OneBeat broadcast premiere on reboot.fm

30.05.11 by Lukas

OneBeat Broadcasting Premiere

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and helped putting this together. This is the final show hosted on reboot.fm.
This broadcast showcases a cross section of OneBeat´s artist family and introduces the project with its goals and philosophy. Help us get the word out and thanks for listening!

Onebeat #1 “Broadcast-Premiere” 2011-05-27 by reboot.fm

RTZ23 – Belle Etage
RTZ23 – Pink Bunny Suits
Jan Hertz – Electrik Monk Interlude
Jan Hertz – Wingman
moll.oton – Agistri
moll.oton – Athens 01:06am
moll.oton – Mad World
Wermonster – Sound der Stadt
Wermonster – Phasing Rain
Wermonster – Atomkraft
One Dub Connection – Sound is Religion
Karl Neukauf – Hoftheater
Lavoisier – Maria Faia

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arrowOneBeat Radio Showcase – Saturday 28.05 16h – 17h

25.05.11 by Lukas

Update: We got notified from the guys from “Offener Kanal Berlin” that our Broadcasting time changed to Saturday 28.05 from 16h – 17h. Please help us spread the news about the sudden change. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

It’s a big week for OneBeat. We released our first EP by moll.oton and we’re presenting a radio showcase on Berlin’s open channel.  The broadcast showcases a cross section of OneBeat’s artist family and introduces the project with its goals and philosophy.
We are featuring the new moll.oton EP, new tracks by RTZ23, unreleased tracks by Jan Hertz and Wermonster and music by One Dub Connection, Karl Neukauf and Lavoisier. We’re looking forward to the show and hope you’ll tune in on one of the following channels at 17h this Friday at 16h this Saturday:

88,4 MHz (Berlin)
90,7 MHz (Potsdam)

Or check the livestream at:

Many thanks go the guys of Reboot.fm who made this possible.
Big thanks also to Al Calavicci for presenting the show for us. Find out more about him at http://www.falkrecordings.de

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arrowOneBeat proudly releases: moll.oton – 01:06 am EP

24.05.11 by Lukas

The first moll.oton EP “01:06 am” is ready and published at www.onebe.at as a free download.
moll.oton decided to release the record under a creative commons license, and therefore under a non-profit license. The release was a networked collaboration between moll.oton and OneBeat, from the promotional fotos to the mix&master of the tracks.
They say:

“The EP 01:06am shows the influences of moll.oton in the last months… by the people, the surroundings, life … the tracks always show a critical observation of our society and the daily life of people they meet on the streets of Berlin. It is an reflection about experiences and places which have influenced moll.oton during the last months. moll.oton translates these observations from a critical and laid back point of view and let’s the resulting lyrics and feelings meet relaxed and melancholic sounds in the environment of trip hop.”

Download the whole release at their artist profile or get the tracks through soundcloud below.
Enjoy the music!

moll.oton – 01:06 am EP by OneBeat

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