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arrowExperimental Session 5 – compositions for film w/ ELEPHANT 9.11 21h

02.11.12 by Lukas


Session 5 is a special one.
We challenged the trio ELEPHANT to play a live jam session to accompany silent film sequences.

ELEPHANT are the ‘contemporary melodic groove collective’. Drums, bass and piano by Christoph, Antti and Marco. Various elements from jazz, popculture, classical, contemporary and electronica, whilst improvisation is the underlying core.

For the session we’ll work with a wide range of footage, not exclusively from silent films but coming mostly from around the 1920s and 1930s. The night will be divided into 3 20min parts, each representing a different theme and divided by short breaks. ELEPHANT will be improvising to a sequence they will have seen before, but never played or rehearsed to.

3 parts = 3 themes = 3 songs
I – Rythms & Colors
II – Narrative
III – Animation

RSVP at (thanks for sharing): https://www.facebook.com/events/378658952209262/


We hope to see you on Friday, November 9th.
As always come to Joao Cocteau at Kienitzer Strasse 98, 12049 Berlin

Entry is free.

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arrowLive Recording – Wermonster as Eugénie at Experimental Session#3

06.05.12 by Lukas

wermonster as eugine experimental session 3

On Friday the 13th of April of 2012 we invited Nico aka Wermonster to show us an improvised performance of his new project called “Eugénie”, the third round of our experimental sessions. He came with his friend Matthieu and they made some noise: frequencies and sounds triggered by audio toys, a guitar and wool, and a bunch of oldschool synthesizers.. finally here’s the recording. Now clearly, this isn’t everyone’s piece of cake, but you can’t deny the imagery evoked with your headphones on and eyes closed. Enjoy.. thanks Nico and Matthieu.

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arrowPhotos: OneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 with Wermonster as Eugénie – 13.04.2012

17.04.12 by Lukas

OneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 1OneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 2OneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 3OneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 4

Last friday, the 13th of April, OneBeat’s experimental session went into the third round. We invited Nico aka Wermonster, the notorious psychedelic beat maker to  show us an improvised performance of his new project called “Eugénie”. He came with his friend Matthieu and they made some noise: frequencies and sounds that should be consumed with eyes closed and that instantly trigger your imagination, so we kept the room dark and the bass strong.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Joao Cocteau, we’ll be publishing a recording of this session on our soundcloud soon. Stay tuned for the next session which is already being planned.
Click on the thumbnails below for high res images from the event.

All photos by Gianna Charaktinou


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arrowOneBeat Experimental Sessions#3 feat. “Wermonster as Eugénie” LIVE, 13.04, 21h

08.04.12 by Lukas

onebeat experimental sessions 3

Friday, the 13th of April, OneBeat’s experimental session goes into the third round. We invited Wermonster, the notorious psychedelic beat maker to perform a improvised live set under a new project name called “Eugénie”. He won’t be playing his usual live-set, instead this time we’ll go down to drone, noise & ambient.

We think it is the right friday for that and really looking forward.
Check in at https://www.facebook.com/events/302662426473786/

Listen and read all about Wermonster:

We’ll be at Joao Cocteau in Neukölln again, visit their website too at joaococteau.tumblr.com.
Start 21h, Kienitzer Straße 98 

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arrowOneBeat Experimental Sessions#2 feat. Kyson LIVE & Visuals by RTZ23

07.12.11 by Lukas

Friday, the 16th of December OneBeat’s experimental sessions goes into the second round. We invited KYSON, who joined the Onebeat collective very recently, and OneBeat’s up to date only visual artist RTZ23 to perform together. We’re expecting an audiovisual experience in concert length with Kyson’s atmospheric downtempo beats blending with RTZ23’s animated visuals.

Kyson aka Jian is the newest member of the OneBeat collective. This super nice dude makes some great music. His bio states that he’s “drawing influences from Ambient and Trip Hop Artists, Jazz Musicians such as Miles Davis and Hip/hop Producers of the early 90’s” to create a mix of “Downtempo beats, soft melodies, washy vocals and deep pads“. The buzz around him is growing and he’s been featured on websites like the ISO50 Blog or the Nueva Forma Podcast. We are happy to have him on board, are looking forward to our first event together and to provide support for his work.

The event will take place at João Cocteau, the same location where we did our last experimental session in september. We’ll have a dj playing some tunes before and after so come early and have a beer with us.

Entry is free. Start 21h.
RSVP at the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/319672431394474/

João Cocteau
Kienitzer Straße 98, Neukölln

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