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arrowOneBeat Podcast #2 by James Cambrian

12.07.13 by Lukas


James A. Shaw loves his monikers as much as he loves music. James Cambrian is James new house and dance alias, among various aliases such as Poly Set, Borth Sea Defence, Vales, The Lodge, Boolean Orchestra, Al Calavicci. James enjoys drinking mind-altering amounts of Yorkshire Tea and making, selecting and playing music. The latter he’s rather good at, frequently displayed via his label Cambrian Line and radio show Quantum Bleep. We’re happy James found the time to provide us OneBeat Podcast #2, a truly enjoyable trip to eclectic deep house and techno of the highest standards.


Scenes & Images Intro / Parry Music Library
Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Donut / A& M
Brass Construction – What is The Law / Capitol
Scott Fraser – Space & Tapes / Horn Wax
Marx Trukker / Green Fountain / Noorden (with John C Lilly Mindloops Lecture)
Citrus – Adrenochrome / Pork
Kevin Griffiths – Acid Splash (Leon Vynehall Translation) / Tsuba
Leon Vynehall – Brother / Aus
Esa – Forbidden Place / Burek
Sterac – Thera Remix / 100% Pure
Cromie & Sage Caswell – Vines (Kyle Hall Remix) / Peach
Mudkid – As The Mud Fall / Greta Cottage
California Analog Dream – (Robag Wruhme mix 2) / R&S
California Analog Dream – (Robag Wruhme mix 1) / R&S)

Follow James on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/james_a_shaw


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arrowMixtape: James A. Shaw at OneBeat Showcase at Brunnen70, 12.05

08.07.12 by Lukas

James A. Shaw at Brunnen70

The OneBeat Showcase at Brunnen70 back in may, surely was a party to remember. A brilliant night with jolly good music by lots from our artist collective. But, James A. Shaw still needs an introduction: The man is new to the collective and already supported the project twice, most recently at our Showcase at Karneval der Kulturen. James puts out amazing music on his label Cambrian Line, runs the radio show Quantum Bleep on BLN.FM and makes music under monikers like Al Calavicci, Borth Sea Defence, Dethyr, Sofa Soldiers, Boolean Orchestra amongst others. You get the point, he knows his shit like few others. So be sure to listen to the last hour of his 3 hour warm up set below… Welcome James, we’re looking forward to a great time together!

Follow him on Soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/james_a_shaw

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arrowLive Recording – Wermonster as Eugénie at Experimental Session#3

06.05.12 by Lukas

wermonster as eugine experimental session 3

On Friday the 13th of April of 2012 we invited Nico aka Wermonster to show us an improvised performance of his new project called “Eugénie”, the third round of our experimental sessions. He came with his friend Matthieu and they made some noise: frequencies and sounds triggered by audio toys, a guitar and wool, and a bunch of oldschool synthesizers.. finally here’s the recording. Now clearly, this isn’t everyone’s piece of cake, but you can’t deny the imagery evoked with your headphones on and eyes closed. Enjoy.. thanks Nico and Matthieu.

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