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arrowOnebeat opening party at FriKK Festival 08.08.2011 – Photos

13.08.11 by Lukas

A busy week for OneBeat. We did our first party last monday, which happened to be the opening party for a small non-profit art festival at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, in Kreuzberg. The FriKK Festival 2011. The festival features many concerts, exhibitions, theater performances among others and is still going on until the 17th of August. Check the festival programm here, as there are still some nice events coming up. Our Band Lavoisier is playing there on monday the 15th, 18h, also not to be missed.
Among the usual technical challenges everything went smooth. We started the night with our premiere for RTZ23 who did a vj / dj combination with his own visuals and music. Wermonster was up next with serious beat business, followed by Maroq, who finished the night with one of his notorious dj sets. The dancefloor was full, monday night at Bethanien was the real deal.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Big thanks to everyone who came along, and specially to the FriKK crew, which helped us with everything they could.

Click below to see all pictures of what was going down. Sign up on Facebook or on our Newsletter to get the event news, as there surely is more to come.

Photos by Michael Naulin


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arrowOneBeat meets FriKK Festival with RTZ23, Wermonster & Maroq – 08.08.11 // 23h30

26.07.11 by Lukas

As announced we are opening the first night at FriKK Festival 2011 in Bethanien, Kreuzberg on Monday, the 8th of August.
This is our webflyer, feel free to post it around.
We set up a facebook event at:


There we’ll keep you posted with all you need to know. Invite your friends!

The entry fee for the night is 6€ (the daily festival pass costs around 10€) and after 2am you can throw a dice to find out how much you pay. From 1 to 6.. you gotta be lucky.

Another thing: come on time as this is our premiere for RTZ23 live vj / dj performance, which starts around 23h30…

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arrowOneBeat at FriKK Festival 2011 – opening night 08.08. and Lavoisier in concert 15.08.

17.07.11 by Lukas


OneBeat meets Frikk festival 2011

Good news: We have final confirmation from one of our new artists: Maroq.
He will be djing at FriKK Festival after Wermonster’s live-act.
On short notice we also got a slot for our Band Lavoisier one week after.

So the final dates for the festival are:

– LiveAct and Visuals // 23:30 – 0:15
Wermonster – Live-Act // 0:30 – 1:45
Maroq // 2:00 – 4:30

Lavoisier in concert // 18h – 19h30

We are looking forward to good music and lots of other interesting shows and performances on FriKK. Check the program here: http://frikk.de/programm
We’ll release a webflyer very soon and also create a facebook event so you can register for this event if you like. Spread the news and we hope to see you there!

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arrowOneBeat meets the Frikk Festival 2011 // 08 – 17. August // Bethanien, Kreuzberg

10.07.11 by Lukas

We are happy to announce that OneBeat will be opening the first night of FriKK Festival at Bethanien in Kreuzberg. The festival is going from the 8th of August until the 17th and presents art in all forms. The concept is to accept all kinds of acts until the lineup is full and artists of all areas will be presenting their work. The Frikk Festival is a non-profit festival as all profit will be donated to the association KunstWandel e.V. which directs the money towards the art scene. It’s the second year for FriKK the program looks promising and we are thrilled to be part of it.

Our part with start at 23h30 on Monday the 8th of August. We are still finalizing the lineup but we confirmed the following:

RTZ23 – LiveAct and Visuals // 23:30 – 0:15
Wermonster – Live-Act // 0:30 – 1:45
DJ (tbc) // 2:00 – 4:30

For all those up for a proper Monday night party.. don’t worry.. if the crowd is up for it we will go on for longer.

And: the 8th of August features the Puppet-Lichtenstein Burlesque show and the KULTUR-Kokotten Theater before our musical part.
Tickets can be purchased at Koka36 and are 10€ for a daily pass and around 35€ for the whole 10 days of the festival. More infos follow soon!

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arrowThe OneBeat broadcast premiere on reboot.fm

30.05.11 by Lukas

OneBeat Broadcasting Premiere

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and helped putting this together. This is the final show hosted on reboot.fm.
This broadcast showcases a cross section of OneBeat´s artist family and introduces the project with its goals and philosophy. Help us get the word out and thanks for listening!

Onebeat #1 “Broadcast-Premiere” 2011-05-27 by reboot.fm

RTZ23 – Belle Etage
RTZ23 – Pink Bunny Suits
Jan Hertz – Electrik Monk Interlude
Jan Hertz – Wingman
moll.oton – Agistri
moll.oton – Athens 01:06am
moll.oton – Mad World
Wermonster – Sound der Stadt
Wermonster – Phasing Rain
Wermonster – Atomkraft
One Dub Connection – Sound is Religion
Karl Neukauf – Hoftheater
Lavoisier – Maria Faia

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