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arrowOneBeat proudly releases: moll.oton – 01:06 am EP

24.05.11 by Lukas

The first moll.oton EP “01:06 am” is ready and published at www.onebe.at as a free download.
moll.oton decided to release the record under a creative commons license, and therefore under a non-profit license. The release was a networked collaboration between moll.oton and OneBeat, from the promotional fotos to the mix&master of the tracks.
They say:

“The EP 01:06am shows the influences of moll.oton in the last months… by the people, the surroundings, life … the tracks always show a critical observation of our society and the daily life of people they meet on the streets of Berlin. It is an reflection about experiences and places which have influenced moll.oton during the last months. moll.oton translates these observations from a critical and laid back point of view and let’s the resulting lyrics and feelings meet relaxed and melancholic sounds in the environment of trip hop.”

Download the whole release at their artist profile or get the tracks through soundcloud below.
Enjoy the music!

moll.oton – 01:06 am EP by OneBeat

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